Shoreham Sailing Club committee


Chas Hammond

Chaz chairs committee meetings, and is the lead representative of the Club in meetings with Shoreham Port, Environment Agency, RYA and other outside agencies, like sailing clubs. Chas sails a dark blue Wayfarer

Vice-chair and Membership

Sophie Mackley

Sophie leads the committee relating to the long-term Development Plan and is responsible for subscription renewals, new member applications, communications and boat park allocations. Sophie sails a black and red Merlin Rocket


Philip Ayton

Philip is responsible for all club finance and is our representative in financial dealings with Shoreham Port, Adur District Council, Utility Suppliers, HMRC, Cleaning Services etc, also Building Contractors. Philip can often be seen in the front of a Wayfarer

Honorary secretary

Caz Mills

Caz arranges Notices and Agenda for Committee meetings and maintains Minutes. Caz and husband John are also responsible for managing the bar. Caz sails a Black and red Osprey with John

Sailing secretary

Ross Jackson

Ross is responsible for setting Club Racing Programme, maintaing SIs, and dealing with outside associations in order to set Open Meeting activities. Ross sails a sky-blue Merlin Rocket

Fleet captains


Bill Whitney

Bill is Wayfarer fleet captain and one of our key race officers and event organisers.

Handicap fleet

Jeff McTaggart

Jeff is also on the groups for port liason and development and main Scout contact


Martin Walker

Martin sails both a Laser and RS300 and is also responsible for results.


Gareth Griffiths

Gareth also leads the group which runs improvers and youth training activities

Merlin Rocket

William Warren

William is Merlin fleet captain and the lead contact with Lancing Sailing Club


Stuart Benjamin

Stuart is catamaran fleet captain and member of the development group.

Other members

Training co-ordinator

Kevin Headon

Kevin is responsible for setting and actioning training programmes within the Club and with outside agencies. Club main link with Sussex Yacht Club and RYA.

Social co-ordinator

Toni Wright

Toni sets and manages Social activities, ad hoc and formal

Dutyman co-ordinator

Richard Bramley

Richard is responsible for setting up Duties on the system, checking progress, supported by Peter Coe and Ivan Walsh and for preparing and maintaining Sentinel.

Youth rep

Will Carroll

Will is the Youth representative for the club.

We have a number of club members that don’t sit on the committee but provide invaluable voluntary support.

  • Chris Lintern: Main person responsible for RIBs and Engines, buoys, ropes, anchors etc.
  • Mandy Walsh: Main responsibility for managing, stocking and staffing the Galley
  • Lisa Whitney: Responsible for maintaining Race Office, supplies and equipment